About Mind-body Medicine
About Mind-body Medicine

About Mind-body Medicine

Welcome to Takoda Wellness and welcome to Mind-Body Medicine.

If this is your first time with Kinesiology and Mind-Body Medicine, then this information will help introduce you to the practice so you can get the most out of the sessions.

In short: be ready for the session, be open to the process, and be committed to the work.

1. Be Ready

Coming with an intention about where you want to focus and what you want to achieve with the session is helpful. This gives us a good place to start.

A standard session takes 90 minutes which ensures we have a good amount of time to connect and work on the issue, as well as complete the balance.

If your session is an online session, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit or lie down, preferably in a quiet place free from disturbance, and that you have comfortable clothes so you can move freely, if required. In the balance you may need to hold some points on your body for 20 mins or more—so being comfortable during this time is really helpful.

If your session is in-person, make sure you arrive about 10 mins ahead of your appointment so you can settle into the space. In-person Mind-Body Medicine is a physical modality where I will be touching your body to monitor and activate muscles and acupoints. Please wear comfortable clothes so you can move freely if required. We may need to hold points on your body for 20 mins or so, and I will hold these points for you.

Also please make sure you are hydrated and have a water bottle with you. Please try to avoid alcohol before and after the session.

2. Be Open

Being open is a key part getting the most from Mind-Body Medicine and this is supported by research. Studies by Rolfes and Muehlboeck⑴ show that people’s openness to, and experience of, kinesiology treatments appears to support their effectiveness and satisfaction with the outcomes.

Being open means two things. The first is being open with what's going on as we explore the underlying causes of the symptoms. This helps ensure we uncover the real drivers to maximise the benefits of the sessions.

The second part is being open to the process. Each balance can be very different, sometimes holding points, other times moving, or meditation. Together these approaches can help support you when you are open to embracing them fully.

So come open minded and ready to explore.

3. Be Committed

Mind-body balance takes time and action. Often the underlying cause of a chronic symptom can be something that you've been living with for many years. Dealing with long-held issues can take time, and depending on what is going on, this may be weeks or months. If you are committed to enhancing your wellness and dealing with these underlying issues, then you are more likely to experience improvements.

This commitment extends to work that may need to be done after the sessions as well. This 'homework' can help you integrate the work and achieve long term benefits.

Be prepare to put work on your wellness, and I commit to support you on your journey.

This is a complementary approach

As a complementary approach, Kinesiology and Mind-Body Medicine does not provide a clinical diagnosis of conditions but takes time to deal with long term chronic conditions and restore the mind/body to homeostasis. If you have and acute medical condition, please continue to consult your medical practitioner. We can work together to support you.

I look forward to working with you.