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Takoda Wellness

Kinesiology and Mind-Body Therapy to improve your vitality, health and wellbeing. 

Together we spend up to 90-minutes using kinesiology, somatic and acupressure techniques to deeply connect with what's driving the areas of stress you experience and align the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life and the way you live. 

This brings about a natural balance that allows you to perform at your best at work, in life and in your relationships—to live your life to your full potential.

Most sessions are available both online or in-person. I have online clients in Australia, USA and Middle-East, and practice in-person in Victoria in Glen Iris.

Cam Incoll—Kinesiologist and Mind Body Therapist

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Click to book your session. In-person available in Glen Iris, Victoria, and online internationally & interstate.

Reduce Chronic Pain

"I had back pain and muscle issues for a few years, which I did not know was down to stress and emotional causes. I started seeing Cam for a few months, the sessions have made such a difference to my life."

📝Rowa B, 2020

Find joy within

"After a series of sessions with Cam, I feel like I have joy back in my life. A weight has been lifted, I am positive and hopeful for the future, and my body is healthier than it has been in a long time."

📝Naomi H, 2020

Let go of Trauma

“As a therapist I really trust Cam and feel comfortable. During the sessions with Cam I came to many realisations that changed my whole mindset and allowed me to find deep emotional traumas and let them go.”

📝Vyta S, 2021

Release anxiety

"I went to see Cam because I was feeling anxious and had trouble sleeping, and as soon as I walked into his clinic space I felt at ease."

📝Stef A, 2021

Improve your skin

"I have done a great deal of therapy over the years with both psychologists and psychiatrists as well as various physical therapies and have never achieved as much as I have with Cam."

📝Margie L, 2020

I can help you: relieve chronic pain in your body and improve your skin; release stored emotion and trauma, and deal with fears and anxiety; let go of the stress and improve your sleep and digestion; connect to your true self and find joy within; tap into your inner wisdom and follow your heart; move more into your body and embody spirit; Book here.

About Cam Incoll

"I am very grateful to have the opportunity to support these wonderful clients, and that they are willing to share their stories here. My intention is to be open-minded and open-hearted, gently dealing with each person and their context."

—Cam Incoll


I practice several natural healing modalities that support the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Using western knowledge of the mind and body, combined with the ancient practices and wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and energy healing from Japan and India, I help people consider their holistic wellbeing to bring about transformation within.

About Mind-Body Medicine

I am a qualified and registered Kinesiologist and Mind-Body Therapist. I have a Diploma of Mind-Body Medicine and Diploma of Kinesiology. I am also a certified Stage 2 Reiki Practitioner.

As a loving husband husband and father of three boys, a business owner, business coach and strategic advisor, I also understand the stresses many people face.

I believe healthy people make a healthy society—Empathy Kindness Humanity Respect.

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Most of my sessions are available either online and in-person, with some better suited to in-person.

Book in person in Glen Iris or Armadale.

I have online clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, California, Dubai and Texas—the combination of counselling and acupoints works amazingly online.

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